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What We Offer

  • Constant communication to stay updated on your student's progress.
  • Experienced tutors who work tirelessly to make sure your experience​ is productive and lasting.
  • Sessions scheduled at your convenience
  • Engaging your student in thought-provoking, guided questions.
  • Teaching study strategies and skills students will use far after they finish school.


We offer support for all middle school, high school and college courses in General Science, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. Tutoring sessions and consultations to develop study strategies are available.


We provide services for elementary through college students in all areas of math, including basic math, arithmetic, algebra, precalculus, calculus, multivariable calculus, linear algebra, geometry, statistics and the SAT Math 1 & 2 Subject Tests.


Our tutors offer support for English/Humanities targeting  students at all levels, especially for those who struggle with writing.


Our tutors can provide assistance for AP Micro- and Macroeconomics and for college-level introductory economics.

Academic Coaching

If your student needs help staying on top of his/her academics, we can help.  We offer academic coaching in the form of regular consults to teach the skills required to optimize academic performance.

Learning Specialists

If your student needs special support due to a learning difference, please contact us for a consultation.  We offer assistance to students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, executive function concerns, and more.

Standardized Tests

We offer support for high school placements tests such as the HSPT or SSAT and for college admissions tests such as the ACT/SAT and the SAT subjects tests. 

Pre-College Prep

Feel like you or your child needs a few pointers before heading off to college? Unsure about what to expect? We offer programs designed to prepare students to be self-sufficient in a college learning environment.

Home School

We have worked for years with students in the arena of full-time or part-time homeschooling services.  We can follow an online curriculum or are happy to develop a curriculum to suit your needs in accordance with your state/county guidelines.

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