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Client Testimonials

It's refreshing to find a physics tutor who actually knows physics. Scott shows patience, knowledge, and most importantly respect for the student. I highly recommend.
Eden C. - Bethesda, MD

His vast knowledge of subjects allows for the flexibility to teach whatever is needed from week to week. Not only is Scott passionate about teaching but he's also great at it - and my son actually looks forward to these tutoring sessions with him!

Jeng H. - Bethesda, MD

Scott, you are such a blessing to our family.  You have done wonders with our boys and we look forward to more time with you as you continue to work with them.

Leda and Tom D. - Arlington, VA

Scott has a warm and patient presence which my kids appreciate. Scott does not just feed my kids the answer - he makes them work it through and then suggests ways that they might discover the answer. This results in a deeper understanding of the material. - Mary Z. (Bethesda, MD)

Mary Z. - Bethesda, MD